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When you’re seeking out commercial carpet cleaning services, you might be surprised (or glad!) to learn that there isn’t just a one size fits all approach. There are actually multiple methods and styles that offer various benefits for any carpet type.

Encapsulation cleaning is one of those methods, and it’s a low moisture type of cleaning that has some of those benefits. Today we’re talking a bit about this method so you can see whether it might be a good option for your home or business.

So, What Is It?

The short answer is that it’s a very low moisture cleaning type. The long answer is that, in this method, stains and dirt are encapsulated and crystallized. This allows them to be immediately removed and ultimately leave no stickiness behind. It’s a deep cleaning method that works very well.

How it Helps Appearance

First and foremost, because it is low moisture, it dries faster, which helps avoid any unforeseen issues that can happen with wetter carpets. New soil won’t attach itself to the carpet because there isn’t any leftover residue. Thus, it helps the appearance by simply being clean, but it also helps in the long term — meaning fewer cleanings required and clean looking carpet for longer.

Additional Benefits

As we mentioned, this is a method that helps sustain the cleanliness of the carpet immediately (by reducing the possibilities of attracting dirt on freshly clean carpet) and over time (by helping it repel dirt). This ensures you can save money by having the carpet cleaned less often.

Those are two big benefits: Professional looking carpets and cost savings. Need we say more?

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