Truck Mount Extraction Carpet Cleaning

We are proud to run the Butler truck mount extraction machine because of the superior results we get for our clients. The system is directly connected to our van’s engine to generate over 200-degree water to while also creating a 300 HP vacuum to pull out stubborn dirt.

The Benefits Of Our Truck-Mounted Carpet Cleaners

Our system offers several notable advantages over portable carpet cleaners. Here are some of the main points to consider:

  • Cleaning with 200º F Water Temperatures – The water temperature used during the carpet cleaning process is essential because the hotter the water, the better more dirt, and soil can be lifted out. By getting the water up between 190º to 200º F will allow the cleaning solution to break down (even to a molecular level) the dirt and grime in your carpet so it can be removed and carried away.
  • Less Risk of Spills – With portable carpet cleaners, there is always a chance of accidentally spilling cleaning solution or dirty water when filling and emptying the machine. With our truck mount system, we virtually eliminate that chance, since everything is located outside in our truck.
  • Quick and Easy – We don’t haul a bunch of equipment into your home. Usually, the only thing that comes into your home (besides us of course), is the hose. All of the water, cleaning equipment, and dirty water is kept in our truck.
  • More Horse Power – Because our system is hooked up to our truck engine, our system has significantly more power than a portable cleaner. In turn, that increase of horsepower allows for better consistency of water flow and stronger suction, leaving your carpets in a like-new condition. Your carpets will dry a lot faster than if a portable machine had been used to clean.
  • Finally, we will NEVER empty the dirty water on your property!