Garage Floor Cleaning

Garage Floor Cleaning Service

Just finished organizing the garage?  But something is still wrong.

Now that everything is off the floor you see just how dirty and dingy it is!  From your average dirt to motor oil, and grease, your garage floor collects and absorbs a large amount of dirt.  Bullseye doesn’t forget the garage!  We use a high powered citrus degreaser along with other great cleaning ingredients to give your garage floor the shine you want.  After a heavy pre-spray we come in with a rotating brush machine to break all the oils, grease and dirt away from the surface, then with our truck mount system, we come in with a high powered contained pressure washing tool that attaches directly to our vacuum removing everything leaving you with a freshly cleaned.


A clean garage floor can prolong the life of your carpet inside since there are less oils, grease, and dirt getting tracked inside.