Find Asthma & Allergy Relief by Getting Your Carpets Cleaned

Allergens in carpet

For anyone that has experienced a summer in the Treasure Valley knows the air quality can go from good to moderate to very unhealthy in a blink of an eye. Yes, there is the usual tree and grass pollen that allergy and asthma sufferers have to deal with, but then you have to factor in the fire season. The only option for those afflicted with asthma and allergies is to stay indoors.

We've put together a few tips on making sure your home is allergen free and keep the suffering from symptoms down to a minimum.

3 Common Myths About Cleaning Your Commercial Carpets

Myths of Cleanings your business's carpets

There are a lot of myths out there about carpet cleaning, and we've heard quite a few. Here are three misconceptions about commercial carpet cleaning that you may have heard, too.

1. Your carpet is too new to clean.

It's a long-standing misconception that cleaning your new carpet will cause it to wear out sooner. Today's carpets, which are designed to conceal dirt and stains, can be much dirtier than they appear to be. In fact, some carpet weave designs are so good at hiding dirt that a full pound can be extracted from just one square foot. The truth is, letting dirt linger in your carpet will wear it out sooner. Soil, sand, and other foreign substances act as abrasives, causing damage to the fibers of your carpet. Commercial carpet cleaning services can advise you when it's time to clean your new carpet.

The Grimy Facts About Your Company's Dirty Floors

Dirty business office floor

Is it possible your dirty carpets are having a negative impact on your business? You spend a lot of time in your office or place of business, and other than routine vacuuming, you probably don't look down at the carpet very often. Here's why you should.

The Grimy Facts

The fact is that your floors are one of the grimiest areas in your office or retail establishment. Anything that sticks to the sole of a shoe, falls from a plate, or blows in through an open door ends up on your carpet. It's not very pleasant to think about, but it's time to give some attention to the impact of what may be lurking in your carpets.

The Cost of Not Cleaning Your Commercial Carpet

Shoes on Commercial Floor

Some business owners neglect commercial floor and carpet cleaning services for reasons such as the floors never look dirty, or customers don’t see them, or there are other priorities. However, as with many things, maintenance (here in the form of regular cleaning) actually helps save you money over time. Here’s a look at why you should be cleaning your floors and carpets regularly.

Hard Floor Cleaning

It’s not just your carpet that needs cleaning! Regular maintenance cleanings of hard flooring are very important as well. Whether it’s wood or other material, a regular cleaning helps remove grit and grime that can get packed in and warp the flooring over time. Cleaning hard floors can range from sealing to waxing to buffing and more – it all depends on the type of material.

How Often Should You Clean Commercial Carpets?

commercial carpet cleaning

Maintaining the carpet in your business doesn’t have to be hard work. Regularly scheduled cleanings can help with the longevity of the carpet, as can routine cleaning like vacuuming and spot cleaning. Doing so helps your office look professional and it saves you money in the long term – after all, replacing carpet isn’t exactly inexpensive.

Keep Your Store Clean With These Tips

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Having a retail store means having many responsibilities. One of them includes keeping your store looking great so that you project a professional and inviting feel that keeps customers returning again and again. A commercial carpet cleaning service can help you address carpet, tile, and laminate parts of the store, but you can do some simple steps to ensure the floors look great in between those cleanings.

Stay on Top of Daily Wear

Spills, mud, and other issues happen, so it's important to address them as soon as possible. Clean up spills immediately, add additional rugs and cleanings on days when the weather is bad, and take care of the carpet every single day. A routine can help this go faster and you can integrate it into your other daily responsibilities.

Why You Need Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Your Office

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

When it comes to building maintenance, even the most diligent offices tend to overlook carpet cleaning. This is especially true for buildings with industrial carpet (which is made to withstand heavy traffic) or carpet with designs that hide wear and stains. However, it’s a smart move to schedule regular cleanings with a commercial carpet cleaning specialist. Here are a few reasons why.

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