Maintaining Commercial Carpet

Shoes On Commercial Carpet

Commercial carpet has to withstand a lot more wear and tear due to heavy traffic in every season. It's only natural that it would be both stronger than regular carpet and higher maintenance. Caring for your commercial carpet can help keep it looking professional and can ensure it lasts a long time.

Understanding Commercial Carpet

There are many aspects of commercial carpet and knowing as much as possible about it can help you select the best kind or take care of what you have already. Here are some of the features of carpet:

  • Fibers
  • Dyes
  • Weaves
  • Pre-treatments

Each of these will impact everything from how well it stands up to traffic and what needs to be done to clean it. A commercial carpet cleaning service will want to know all about your carpet in order to find the best ways to clean it.

Why You Need Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Your Office

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

When it comes to building maintenance, even the most diligent offices tend to overlook carpet cleaning. This is especially true for buildings with industrial carpet (which is made to withstand heavy traffic) or carpet with designs that hide wear and stains. However, it’s a smart move to schedule regular cleanings with a commercial carpet cleaning specialist. Here are a few reasons why.

Cleaning extends the life of the carpet

Replacing carpet can be costly, and regular cleaning is one of the easiest ways to extend the life of the carpet you have. Stains – even those that are invisible to the eye – can break down the carpet and cause extensive damage over the lifetime of the carpet. A professional cleaner can find those spots and treat them, so they won’t cause long-term damage.

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