Truck Mount Extraction

Truck Mount Extraction

Our extraction machine is directly connected to our van's engine, generating over 200-degree water & creating a 300 HP vacuum to pull out tough dirt.


Upholstery cleaning services

We have the tools and know how to get your sofa, loveseat, and chairs clean and fresh! 

Pet Treatment

Pet and Odor Treatment

We love our pets!  But not the smells and stains they can leave behind.  We have special formulas to get rid of pet stains. We can even dig deep and remove unwanted hair your vacuum left behind.

Eco - Friendly Products

Eco - Friendly Products

We feel our home should be a haven of safety for all sorts.  That is why we pride ourselves on using strictly food-grade biodegradable products that do not create, nor leave any harmful residue. 


Business tile cleaning services

We offer tile cleaning in Boise & surrounding area! Cut out the hassle of hiring multiple companies when one can do it all! Ask us about cleaning all the tile in your home as well.

Odor Remediation

odor remediation

A lot of products or services on the market only to mask the smell,  we aim at targeting the source of the odor and completely eliminating it.

Garage Floor Cleaning

Garage Cleaning Service

From dirt to motor oil and grease, your garage floor collects it all. We use a high powered citrus degreaser along with other great cleaning ingredients to get your garage floor clean.


Commercial carpet cleaning

With low moisture encapsulation, our team can handle the busiest business's out there! Our process involves a soap-free product that traps and lifts dirt.

Mattress Cleaning

Mattress Cleaning

Most people don't consider that their mattresses need cleaning as well. We can extract the dust mites and other microbes that build-up on a mattress.