Odor Remediation Services

What’s that smell?

Nothing can be more frustrating than a lingering odor, and especially if you thought you had already taken care of it. A lot of products or services on the market only to mask the smell, which allows it to return in time.  Here at Bullseye, we aim at targeting the source of the odor and completely eliminating it.  All odors stem from molecules, so we eliminate or break the molecule, thus eliminating the smell.  

We have the knowledge, product, and equipment to do just that!  Once we determine the odor and its source, we work to remove it completely from your home!

  • Does your pet leave his lingering odor everywhere? We use a live enzyme product along with a sub-surface extraction tool which attacks the odor molecule and then extracts it out.
  • Tobacco smoke? by using an essential oil based product and a hot fogging system we fog the wall surfaces with attacks the bio-film of odor molecules eliminating them at there source.  These are not just masking the odors as with paint or primer, they are eliminating them! After eliminating, then is the proper time to seal the now cleaned area with a primer.


Homes that have heavy odors can lose up to 29% of its value in the eyes of potential buyers.